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Computer Operation

2nd April, 2017

Computer Operation

This could be the Computer course you've been looking for



Computer  has become an essential  part of  21st century  life. We are committed to the

Highest standards in education, spiritual care, service and  professional conduct to the

Delivery  of  innovative and  interactive  Computer courses. We value the potential of

every  student and offer  a  service focused education. Certificates, that are recognized

nationally. The course  curriculum is supposed  to support  the participants to improve

their  IT  skills with a balanced  emphasis on quantitative  and qualitative approaches

and assisting students to understand the dynamics of Computer world in an increasing

complex Global environment.


Certificate Course In Computer Fundamental


Course Title        :  3-Month Certificate  Course In Computer Fundamental

Course Duration:  3-Month Theoretical & Practical (1.5 or 2 Hours) classes in this Institute . 3 days in a week.

Course Fee           :  Total payable TK 6,000/= .  At the time of Admission TK 3,000/= and the rest will      

                               have to be paid Monthly TK 3,000/= × 1 Installments = TK 3,000/=




  1. Computer Fundamentals.
  2. Hardware and Software Concept.
  3. Computer Operating System. (Windows XP/ Windows Vista)
  4. File and Folder Management, Desktop Presentation, Control

    panel and System Utilities.

  1. Full Concept of Microsoft Office -2000. ( MS Word, MS Excel,

    MS Access, MS Power Point)

  1. Project of MS Excel. (Worksheet Analysis)
  2. Project of Database Management Program.
  3. Project of Presentation by MS Power Point.
  4. Full concept of Bangle (Bijoy) Software.
  5. Internet Access.
  6. E-mail. (acount open, Mail send and Download System)
  7. Internet Browsing, Searching, Chatting.