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Pattern Design & CAD

1st June, 2018

Pattern Design & CAD

Discover your career path with Basic Pattern Design & CAD course.....

Pattern making is based on art. Pattern making is simply a bridge function between design and production. A sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern which interprets the design in the form of the garment components. It converts the flat piece of cloth into a three dimensional form, which fits the bulges of the body.

CAD or Computer-Aided Design has brought a revolution in the Garment Industry.The time consuming and grueling process of garments designing has been facilitated by CAD. Now thoughtful and innovative designs are available for the fashion designers and apparel manufacturers at the click of a mouse. CAD is generally used for comprehending and evaluating computerized designing. It includes both, software and sometimes special-purpose hardware.

So let’s start the journey.....

Course Title:6-Month Certificate Course in Pattern Design & CAD( Computer –Aided Design )
Course Duration:6-Month theoretical & practical classes for Pattern Cutting, Sewing & CAD training.
 Theoretical class(1.5-2) Hours
 Practical class(2-3)Hours. 3 days in a week.
 Total 12 Credits
Course Fee:Total payable TK 26,000/= . At the time of Admission TK 6,000/=
 and the rest will have to be paid Monthly TK 4,000/= × 5 Installments = TK 20,000/=
Course Plan
1.Basic Pattern Department (1) Top Variation 4 Credits
2.Basic Pattern Department (2) Bottom Variation 4 Credits
3.Garments Construction Department 1 Credit
4.CAD ( Computer –Aided Design ) 3 Credits
 Total 12 Credits